At Living Color Events, we possess our own in-house production equipment and we employ a seasoned staff for flawless event design and execution. Our team of designers uses strategic thinking and proven processes to blend form and function with real-world designs, and we utilize the best design tools to provide elegant experiential solutions. Our unique methodology involves innovative approaches to building memorable brand experiences, and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

Our event planning team takes precise measurements of the proposed venue and generates a detailed 2D diagram of the proposed space. We can also create full-color illustrations and completely model a venue in 3D to visually represent what the final production will look like. We have a full-service production department with extensive capabilities for on-site printed graphics & signage. Our in-house graphics capabilities enable us to provide highly competitive pricing options, and impeccable quality control over all aspects of graphic production and printing.

Our knowledgeable in-house production personnel possess both substantial industry experience and creative insight, enabling our team to conceptualize, design, and fabricate an eclectic assortment of event hardware. We can manufacture the most efficient, affordable, and memorable event equipment for almost any occasion. Lighting, sound, and video are also areas of expertise for our creative team, as we regularly produce supremely powerful visual experiences intended to amaze and impress our valued event guests. Furthermore, we also maintain a diverse and effective network of veteran producers and staff from all across the country to allow for peerless event production in markets near and far away.

Our finalized event spaces are where planning and design culminate to form an unforgettable experience through the use of custom-built stages and sets. Notably, Living Color Events has transformed a city street into a concert arena, a retail store into a first-class airport lounge, and a warehouse into an immersive marketing nexus. Our expertise and equipment permit us to expertly transform inert, lifeless venues into vivid and remarkable event environments for our clients and their guests, all while maintaining competitive prices and superior customer service.