Project Description

For this project, Scion desired a semi-interactive prop for an experiential marketing event at the Paramount Studios backlot. We proposed a fun idea which would emphasize the company’s focus on the 18-35 male demo by dressing a vehicle up as a full-sized toy car “for big kids.” The entire piece would allow people to enter the construct for photo opportunities, allowing the box to additionally function as an extremely memorable piece of marketing to reinforce Scion’s status as a “fun” vehicle brand.

Fabrication involved building a box set around a Scion car on a platform, setting up lights to illuminate the interior of the set, and implementing full exterior branding. A solid sheet of transparent plexiglass was curved and fitted to function as a window to view the car from the outside, and the entire box was constructed around a custom-fabricated frame system. The client was immensely pleased with the final product.