Project Description

The mission for this event was to prepare and brand an event space for the 20th Century Fox 2014 slate presentation show at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. We were tasked with evoking the corporate aesthetic of 20th Century Fox throughout the entire space through strategic use of lighting and specialty graphics applications, all while minimizing direct usage of the official brand logo. Per the client’s specifications, they wanted to make the room “feel” like 20th Century Fox through means other than arbitrarily covering the venue with company logos.

Our inventive solution involved an approach wherein use of the logo was restricted to branded pillows and gobo projections, while the brand’s visual style was replicated on glow pedestals and columns with a custom-designed asset modeled after the skytrackers and sunset featured on the key art behind the logo. Additionally, the venue lighting was set to gradually shift from golden yellow to dark blue over time, allowing the brand colors to form a “sunset” by the event’s end. In doing this, we were able to produce a branded event environment with notably strong corporate appeal, while keeping direct use of the official logo both subtle and memorable.